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Monday, June 26
9:30 PM - Chiller Easton
vs. Jagrbombs - we are Away

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Theodore Gray 5
Connor Mccarthy 4
Devan Robinson 4
Devan Robinson 3
Theodore Gray 2
Ryan Search 2
Theodore Gray 3
Connor Mccarthy 3
Jeff Shivener 2
Ryan Search 15
Bilal Chahine 2
Mackenzie Mash 2

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Renting ice time



Hey guys I really think we should rent some ice time sooner rather than later. I think we could all really benefit from it now that we all have a decent foundation. We are on the cusp of becoming a solid team .

I'm not sure how to take the lead on organizing this by any means but if anyone knows how or can go about doing it  that would be great. Maybe Ryan would know more about this than me.  

I'm pretty sure we could get enough people on the ice to make the cost minimal for what we'd be getting.

Feel free to text me 614-595-6687.


Connor Mccarthy - Tue, May 16 2017
The trick is first find days and times people can make it. Best strategy is probably to add-on to another team practice. Chad Kemp

Stick and Puck

hey, I was wondering if anyone would like to meet up this week for a stick and puck or a drop in game?

Theodore Gray - Mon, May 8 2017