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Dayton Bombers 2 3 1 0 6
Dayton Fire 0 3 0 0 3

Team Leaders

Zachary Sprinkle 14
Andrew Kruczyk 13
Joshua Lawrence 8
Zachary Sprinkle 7
Andrew Kruczyk 6
Joshua Lawrence 5
Andrew Kruczyk 7
Zachary Sprinkle 7
Kevin Fields 4
Pete Bollinger 6
Jim Frantz 2
Patrick Holland 2

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Should be back next week after I get my skates back.

Jonah Grear - Tue, Mar 26 2019

Looking to sub

Im on the roster and looking to sub, who can I contact to see if you guys want me to come out and what would be the cost??


-Jonah Grear

937-321-7839 my cell 


Jonah Grear - Tue, Jan 15 2019

Jonah, did someone get ahold of you?

Zachary Sprinkle

Not yet Zach, I have Haywood’s cell should reach out to him for this next game 

Jonah Grear

League Payments


Hope everyone is well and ready for this Thursday! I am ready for a good season! With that being said, we all need to start our payments for playing, myself included. The goal is to have everyone paid before the end of the session. Last session we had to track people down to get payments, again myself included. Captains want money in or YOU CANNOT PLAY. If you’re a SUB or FULL TIME, contact a captain to see how much money you owe. Thanks! Look forward to seeing everyone Thursday!

Zachary Sprinkle - Tue, Jan 8 2019