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Timothy Dwyer 9
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Devin Peach 5
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tonight's game

If we can't field a team- (pitiful) we can still scrimmage with the Aviators

Ken Enscoe - Thu, Mar 28 2019


Gentlman, it looks like we may need to cancel this weeks game, we looks like we are light on guys and we need a goalie. I will wait until the eod today before I notify Martin. If you plan on playing or have ideas on a goalie please send me a note.

Timothy Dwyer - Wed, Mar 13 2019


Hey Guys.....sorry but im actually going to be out for the rest of the session.  My work schedule will have me traveling for the next 3 months.

Sorry, and i have really enjoyed the time in net for you guys.

Tim Patton

Tim Patton - Tue, Feb 5 2019


I didn’t receive a notification email this week. Please advise.



Troy Widdis - Wed, Jan 16 2019

I did not get an e-mail or text about the game, and every time I try and mark myself as a Yes to play tonight, it does not save. Thanks, Mike

Michael Marie