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Kyle Joecken 12
Jim Cook 7
Matt Millikin 6
Kyle Joecken 9
Jim Cook 5
Matt Millikin 4
Joe Gillespie 3
Kyle Joecken 3
John Cocumelli 2
Michael Taza 25
Christopher Taza 16
Joe Johns 12

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Cancer Tournament August 23rd-August 26th

3rd Annual Hockey Beats Down Cancer Tournament is coming this August.

We're playing in the D division and I'd like to have a full roster (13 skaters and a goalie). I'd like to play in net for this one, but will be unable to make the first game most likely, so I'd need someone who could fill in (Gary or Ari) that would be interested in skating out the rest of the tournament.

Christopher Taza - Wed, Jun 27 2012
I'll skate out Ari Fleeman

If you need someone ill play

Kyle Brandel