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Does anyone read these?

If so, let's make crisp passes, to players we can see! Every offensive rush doesn't need to go straight to the net. Let's use the point and possess the puck, finding good lanes to the net. Let's clear out the front of the net on defense... most people can easily be shoved out if the way. Let's make sure we aren't chasing the puck and suddenly have 3 ppl on one guy leaving them with players wide open. Let's communicate on the ice. Have a plan of what to do with the puck on face offs. If we are in trouble in our own zone, ice it. Let's break out as a team, forwards don't need to be in the neutral zone, otherwise the opposing team will have almost all passing lanes locked down, we should move together unless we are exploiting a weakness in the other team. Try to create a triangle of forwards in the offensive zone so that a forward is in position for a pass from the other forward, and the other in position for a rebound. All of this is stuff that i need to work on and wanted to post so all can see it and think about it will playing and maybe it helps. We are a good team, making lots of progress, and if we keep working on getting better, then maybe we will not lose in the finals again :p

Tyler Grinstead - Sun, Oct 30 2016

Tonight's Game

For those playing tonight, keep in mind there is a 7:00 CBJ preseason game.

Matt Lockard - Sun, Sep 25 2016