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1 2 3 OT F
The Crue 0 1 3 0 4
Strong Hearts 0 0 0 0 0

Team Leaders

Mark Losinski 5
Kyle Herndon 3
Mike Hunter 3
Mark Losinski 4
Ian Adams 2
Nathan Mash 2
Kyle Herndon 2
Mike Hunter 2
Brandon Lorenz 2
Ben Kleppel 14
Sean Clarkson 8
Nathan Mash 6

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Monday night the 13th at 8:40 pm North

Tiffani Sharp - Sat, Apr 11 2015

Strong Hearts v. The Crue

It is in 3 parts

PS: Check out Ian's shot on goal at

Brandon Lorenz - Tue, Apr 7 2015


White jerseys tonight please. Thanks, Chris

James Estep - Mon, Apr 6 2015

helmet study

Here it is. Take it for what it's worth!

Ben Kleppel - Tue, Mar 31 2015


Black or dark jerseys tonight. Thanks, Chris

James Estep - Mon, Mar 30 2015

Learn to Play Hockey (better)

Last night I did my second walk-in for the Learn to Play Hockey classes they have at Dublin 2.  This was the last one of the session, but they have been very beneficial. Adult players with a wide-variety of skill levels were there. Both weeks I have met some of our counterparts on the teams we're to play. 

Is anyone interested in doing the next session coming up? I know time and money are large constraints and can respect that. I know this is my first session ever in hockey but I'm having a great time and look forward to competing week after week. As a team, we have a lot of opportunity to improve in the standings which is something to look forward to.  I know I have personally made bad decisions from inexperience and lack of trust that have led to some not-so-desirable results but I'm committed to get better to win. There is no reason Strong Hearts can't ever win the league if we get some strategies or communication in our repetoire -- like an established breakout play.

I'm not trying to be a starry-eyed rookie, so comments are appreciated.

Brandon Lorenz - Fri, Feb 27 2015

Strong Hearts v. Jagrbombs Video

I'm starting to record our games in effort for analyzation so we can pick-up some W's.  We still aren't out if we turn it around.

Strong Hearts v. Jagrbombs

From an iPhone in the upper stands: (Youtube was still encoding the higher quality versions as of me posting this)

We should really jump on a team practice. I'll set up if need be.

Brandon Lorenz - Tue, Feb 24 2015

team practice

Saturday 1/17 8:30pm Easton

Tiffani Sharp - Thu, Jan 15 2015