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THE HIPCHICK 1 1 1 0 3
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Amanda Brown 24
Megan Bradley 10
Jacquelyn Murphy 8
Amanda Brown 22
Megan Bradley 4
Jacquelyn Murphy 4
Megan Bradley 6
Kathrin Meyer 5
Jacquelyn Murphy 4
Amanda Brown 2
Jennifer Hortz 2
Karen Kuhn 2

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JAN 23

We are at North this week at 9:40.  Please let Brownie or I know if you are unable to make the game.  GO PENS

Michelle Wolff - Tue, Jan 22 2013

Penguin hockey

Hi you penguins! Looking forward to a new session. See you Wednesday at 9 at the Easton rink.
Please let me know if you areunable to make the game.  
Michelle Wolff
614 619-0320 cell

Michelle Wolff - Sun, Jan 13 2013

new season??

So, has the new draft occurred yet?  Am I just on the same team?  I'm just trying to determine when I need to be at the rink.  Please let me know what team I'll be on for next Wednesday.



Marlene Torres - Wed, Jan 9 2013