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1 2 3 OT F
Shenanigans 1 1 1 1 4
Ice Hogs 1 1 1 0 3

Team Leaders

Jordan Sandusky 9
Charlie Rogers 8
Matthew McAllister 7
Charlie Rogers 7
Jordan Sandusky 6
Chris Hughes 4
Matthew McAllister 4
Clint Stephens 4
Steve Fazekas 3
Matthew McAllister 18
Michael Mizrahi 18
Chris Hughes 12

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Register for a USA Hockey Number here:

The total team fee is $2800 divided by 13 full time players @ $216 each. 

First down payment of $100 per player (for next season) is due last week of the current season.  The final payment is $116, due 4th week into the season. 

For this season's initial $1000 deposit, I've covered this, so I'll need most of you to pay me your initial $100 via PayPal to my account.  The rest, pay your fee under your "Profile" button on the upper right of the page after you log into ChillerStats.

We may have several floater subs as the 13th man (for the SUMMER season), and they will pay $20 each game as we go along the season (until the 13th player fee is paid off).  After that, subs are not charged, and you're eligible to play in the playoffs.

Our group email list is
All players will get added to the list when they join the team.

Steve Fazekas

Steve Fazekas - Sun, Apr 19 2015