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Joe Capuano 15
Kevin Henry 12
Brian Vance 12
Joe Capuano 8
Kevin Henry 7
Philip Sisia 6
Joe Capuano 7
Brian Vance 6
Kevin Henry 5
Joe Capuano 10
Sean Flaherty 8
Stephen Roth 8

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Hockey is a Lot Like Life

Hockey is a Lot Like Life

You've heard it before.
Sports are a lot like life.
But the truth is, hockey is more like life than life itself.
See, every single person in the world fits into one of five categories.
He or she is: a Grinder, a Playmaker, a Scorer, a Stopper, or a Superstar.

The Grinder
The Grinder works hard in the corners and other places nobody else wants to go.
The Grinder's the guy who doesn't have the grades to get the scholarship so he works the night shift to pay for classes.
The Grinder's willing to sacrifice the body.  Stopping a speeding puck with your face isn't pretty, but then again, neither is the name "Grinder".
The Grinder always sticks up for his teammates. Why? Because they're teammates … and the other guys aren't.

The Playmaker
The Playmaker makes all of us look good.
The Playmaker is unselfish like the Grinder, but sees the ice differently.
The Playmaker's not the President but he's not an empty-suit Vice-President either. He's more like a really powerful Secretary of State or Chief of Staff.
The Playmaker gets a point for each assist.
Because in hockey, as well as other things, an assist can be more beautiful than a goal.

The Scorer
The Scorer is somebody you're very familiar with.
The Scorer was born with his own map to the right place at the right time.
The Scorer's the one who doesn't study all semester, goes out the night before, and still manages to ace the final.
You hate the Scorer.
You love the Scorer.
You need the Scorer.

The Stopper
The Stopper is different.
The Stopper makes a mistake, a red light goes on and 10,000 people yell at him.
The Stopper's the one you count on to succeed after everyone else has failed.
The Stopper's the guy who remembers to bring the toilet paper on the camping trip.
The Stopper might be weird.  But understandably so.
Thank God for the Stopper.

The Superstar
Simply put, the Superstar can do things no one else can.
The Superstar has his picture taken a lot.
The Superstar can't be explained.
The Superstar gets to marry anybody.
The Superstar should be watched and enjoyed.
Because the Superstar doesn't come along that often.


Craig Smith - Mon, Sep 16 2013