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1 2 3 OT F
Loose Cannons 0 0 1 0 1
Strong Hearts Thurs 1 3 0 0 4

Team Leaders

Mike Meilleur 15
Peter Brown 12
Will Cole 11
Mike Meilleur 11
Will Cole 7
Peter Brown 6
Jeff Eldersveld 7
Peter Brown 6
Michael Fosson 6
Ian Stegmaier 27
Jeff Eldersveld 20
Peter Brown 13

Message Board

Welcome to Week 7, Summer ‘18!

JLGP you’re timing is impeccable ...unfortunately the Chinese screwed up Kubi’s sweater. Also we’re taking the kids on a picnic, can I borrow your blanket? I mean jersey...

Time to defend our Winter Championship Title! 

Michael Fosson - Fri, Feb 16 2018

New Jerseys

Boys! I heard the new jerseys will be here by week 7 of summer session 2018! Stay fit so you still fit in them when they arrive! I also checked and Kubinsky was spelled right with the y at the end. All good to go. Go Cannons!




Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre - Wed, Feb 14 2018