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Stick and Puck, 3/11/17

I will be atttending the stick and puck saturday at 6 pm as a goaltender if anybody wants to come and take some shots on me.

Jacob Judge - Sat, Mar 11 2017

Stick and Puck 3/2/17

I will be at stick and puck tomorrow at 6:15pm at ice works if anyone wants to join. 

Connor Mccarthy - Wed, Mar 1 2017

contact information and more

Hey guys,

I was planning on attending the stick and puck this Friday at 6:15 PM at Easton if anyone is willing  to go. I will hopefully have goaltender equipment (which I would prefer to practice with and hopefully give it a shot for our team) or will show up to just skate. I really hope to see some of you guys there. My phone number is 815-954-8037 if anyone wants to discuss further. Also feel free to text me about whether or not you guys are willing to let me (a COMPLETE novice) give goaltending a shot. I would completely understand it if you'd rather go with our veteran option in net especially now that we are back in the playoff hunt. By the way, great win everybody! See some of you Friday hopefully.

Jacob Judge

Jacob Judge - Wed, Feb 15 2017

Great Win!

Great win guys!!! Feels good to finally get that W!!! 

Adam Kopczyk - Tue, Feb 14 2017


Hey guys,

If anyone has goaltending equipment and don't really mind if someone who has never played an ounce in his life gives it a shot, I can give it a try tonight. Furthermore, I have been in contact with a source to acquire some goalie equipment and it is definitely something that I want to try to do. So if Ben ever wants a night off and you guys don't mind, I would like to give it a shot. I was going to talk to Ben and the rest of you guys tonight. See you then.


Jacob Judge - Mon, Feb 13 2017

Saturday night hockey

I'm going to Saturday night hockey it's 9:30 at Easton. If anyone else is interested let me know! 

Jonathan Carlier - Sat, Jan 28 2017

Stick and Puck 1/10 @North

Hey everyone, I'm heading to the stick and puck at the Chiller North tonight from 10:20-11:20pm if anyone wants to come! I don't have anyone's number but there are 13 spots left as of now. It's $14 and I do suggest to register just in case it fills up! 

Jacob Schooler - Tue, Jan 10 2017

Match-up Next Week

Looking at the standings there was a team beat worse than us and with our good fortune we play them next. There were a few teams that scored well but most teams didn’t get more than 1 or 2 goals. I'm feeling good about our chances.

Chad Kemp - Tue, Jan 10 2017