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Erin Thorne 12
Jocelyn Curry 9
Iris Baker 6
Erin Thorne 8
Iris Baker 5
Jocelyn Curry 4
Jocelyn Curry 5
Lisa Taylor 4
Erin Thorne 4
Iris Baker 6
Jocelyn Curry 2
Erin Thorne 2

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Urgent! Commitment for next session

Hi Red Wings! Great game last night! If I heard correctly, the championship game is 9:50 at North next Wednesday.  I need to collect any of the red jerseys with the yellow dog on the front, so if you are not going to be playing in the final game next week, please get the jersey to a team mate or drop in at my house (238 Clover Ct, Dublin, 43017) or contact me for other arrangements. 

Please reply as soon as possible with your commitment or lack of commitment to next session.  We would like to continue with 4 teams for the winter and build on that for the following session, but realize that the late ice times are a real problem for some and merely a great annoyance for the rest of us. Smile If we do not get at least 44 players signed up we will be going to one regular ice time with balanced lines, rather like the over 40 men do.  We are hoping the ice time will be 9:00 or 9:30 PM.  We will be taking the first 26 players to commit, so don't delay!  I, for one, will be playing!

I look forward to hearing from you soon! 


Lisa Taylor - Thu, Dec 5 2013