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Evergreen Grave Diggers 2 2 5 0 9
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Team Leaders

Ryan Welsh 20
Tyler Klutch 15
Luke Buchy 14
Ryan Welsh 13
Luke Buchy 7
Tyler Klutch 7
Evan Kraus 11
Tyler Klutch 8
Luke Buchy 7
Ryan Welsh 36
Jon Bouldin 25
Jarrett Shafer 18

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Let's Keep Rolling


Big time win in OT last night. It's always tough playing those guys, but dug down deep and found the greasy way to win games. Proud of y'all. We gotta keep the legs moving this week, it'll follow with the legs moving on Monday. Stay sharp this week. Eat right, and stay hydrated. We got Beecher Cross Dental next week, and we all know who's on that team...Blue Jackets adult league all-star Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre. To win this game, we are shortening the bench. What held us back last night was having too many lines and guys to rotate. We need to get the chemistry back with the lines, so be prepared to skate in next weeks game. Also, this whole message was just my way of procastinating lol haha.


Sean Murley - Tue, Nov 7 2017

lol haha

Ryan Welsh

Lol haha short the bench !

Tyler Klutch


Wow boys, I think we just made a full 180 on our season. I loved the heart and composure out there tonight. We could have quit out there after losing our best player Welsh and our top minutes defensemen Green. I love the perserverance we had out there and shotout to our top line with me Voytus and Buchy putting on a show out there tonight, huge skill guys. Btw fuck you kraus we forgot to sign in so you got all the points. D played solid too shoutout shafe for not slitting anyones throat tonight. Murley even played well for the wife out there. Good shit boys dont let us heat up at the right time. SHOOTERS SHOOT

Tyler Klutch - Mon, Oct 23 2017

Gorman sucks at chirping

Gorman if you ever say any dumb shit like that again you are off the team

Tyler Klutch - Mon, Oct 23 2017

Trade Deadline

Wow, just Wow. Shoutout to Sean on making an absolute power move at the trade deadline. Dont let us be a second half season team and heat up right before the playoffs.

Tyler Klutch - Mon, Oct 23 2017


"Well, how 'bout it boys? Look like hockey to you? Looks more like a couple monkeys trying to hump a football to me, I don't know." -Herb Brooks-Michael Scott

Thomas Gorman - Wed, Oct 18 2017


Boys what in the fuck is going on

Brandon Voytus - Mon, Oct 16 2017

We gotta bite the bullet now fella's. Tough news to take in on such short notice in preparation for next weeks game but if this decision wasn't made when it was, we would not win another fucking game. 


- Brandon Voytus

Brandon Voytus