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1 2 3 OT F
Hamilton Mustangs (Thu) 0 1 0 0 1
Direwolves 1 1 0 0 2

Team Leaders

Brandon Mowery 17
Michael Walker 16
Jason Adams 11
Michael Walker 14
Matthew Richardson 8
Dave Pollock 4
Brandon Mowery 15
Jason Adams 9
Dave Pollock 7
Brandon Mowery 12
Jason Adams 8
Scott Lynch 8

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Summer Session

Thank you guys for making this a great winter session.  We were dominant during the regular season and cruised through the playoffs.  We have now been moved up to the west division where the competition is a little tougher.  I am confident we will continue to have success because we have a great group of players.

The current roster is basically the same as it has been the last 5 sessions. I was contacted by two players early last session who wanted to join the team full time.  Stephanie Juhl and Matthew Richardson are now with the team.  Several players couldn't commit to full time status or asked to join after the roster was full.  These players will be part time players or subs and are welcome at any games as long as we dont have 13 full timers already committed.  Sometimes we will roll with a 14 man(and woman) team, but that will only occasionally.  The fee for part time players and subs is $20 a game, just to make it fair to the full timers paying $200.  Some of the part time players have already paid partial amounts in anticipation of the games you are going to play.  If any part timers don't get the number of games in that they paid for I will refund the extra money.  But I need to make it fair to the players who paid the full amount to get their ice time, since we have 17 players potentially trying to play each week.  So part timers, it is very important that you please contact me before the game and let me know if you are wanting to play that week.  I will let you know if we have room.  It would help if everyone could respond to the email reminders or let me know via text if you know you will be missing a game in advance. 
See you on the ice this Thursday!

Colin Shine - Tue, May 12 2015