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1 2 3 OT F
Icers 0 3 2 0 5
Rink Rats 1 0 0 0 1

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Richard Williams 11
aaron kawasaki 10
Andrew Ganczak 5
aaron kawasaki 7
Richard Williams 5
scott pawlowski 4
Richard Williams 6
Andrew Ganczak 4
Philip Hoffman 4
Nicholas Kovach 6
Jarod Forsha 4
Philip Hoffman 4

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No spots

jarod and I just went to park in the garage and there was literally a guy waiting. There may or may not (probably not) be parking

Rick Moneypenny - Thu, Feb 28 2019


Im just posting to as many places as possible so i appoligize if you are getting multiple messages about this but I am trying to organize getting the Rats team jerseys! I am looking into either more of a budget jersey or a premium jersey. It looks like the range could be anywhere from $40 for printed and $90 for stiched. Jeff said he might have refund money to put towards this and lower the cost a bit. Right now I am guaging interest. Please let me know by text (preferred) 6145718963, or by mail at rickmoneypenny@gmail.com or message me on facebook! Last note-- if you want to create a logo, we are looking for something to put on the front! i know everyone on the team works with computers so I was hoping at least one of you was creative.

Rick Moneypenny - Wed, Jan 16 2019