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Ice Hawks 3 0 4 0 7
Fireballs White 0 0 1 0 1

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Jacob Matejko 13
Mark Bennon 8
Christopher Taza 8
Jacob Matejko 7
Mark Bennon 6
Jim Cook 4
Jacob Matejko 6
Kevin Biller 4
Christopher Taza 4
Kevin Biller 24
Jacob Matejko 14
Kevin Pettit 10

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Jerseys for next season

Is more information coming about that?

Justin Pinsker - Tue, Jul 12 2011
Need to make sure I have both rosters full before we order. I'm going to start with red jerseys.

League fees are $200 ea. due to me by August 5th Christopher Taza


at Ice Hawks

we'll wear ?

Jim Joe Shrek
Lisa Mark Justin
Adrian       Holly
Chris Sean


Christopher Taza - Sat, Jun 18 2011

We had a player pull out Friday night, so there is a full time roster spot available for the session. There also is an opportunity for a half time spot available. Without these spots filled, I have no choice but to charge subs $20/game.

If you have any friend that would be interested in playing please have them contact me.

th the new software the team will be sent reminders about games. In these reminders there is a link to send your availability for that game. As always unless you tell me otherwise I assume you will be there. If you are going to miss a game the more time you give me the better so that I may find a sub to make sure we have a full bench.

Also remember that league fees are $230 a person this session please bring to the first game.


Christopher Taza - Sun, May 8 2011

Base Lines

These are the lines that I will try to stick with as much as possible when we have our regular roster. Changes may be made as I start to figure out chemistry.

Shrek Jacob Justin
Aaron Nico Adrian
Michelle Mark Rob

Kevin Holly
Chris Sean


Christopher Taza - Sun, May 8 2011